Understanding Biodegradable Plastic Resin Tuesday, Jun 24 2008 

Plastic resin – Plastics are resin specific which means plastics are not easily recyclable to other forms. But it does not mean they are to be discarded because they might be able to use for other purposes.

Biodegradable Packing and Packaging Material

Biodegradable packing and packaging material are just as effective as many of the plastic products used to ship items. The difference is that they will degrade or disintegrate over time rather than be released somewhere in the environment to remain for months or years at a time. With biodegradable packaging materials, they will dissolve over time and not have a negative impact on animal habitats and the environment. Many of these biodegradable packing and packaging material uses polyactic acid that is commonly referred to as resin. Biodegradable packing and packaging are plant-based, which means they are made up of renewable resources. They are created from nature, which means they decompose completely within weeks or months.


Plastic waste into crude oil conversion Monday, Jun 16 2008 

Necessity of disposing plastic waste

The usage of plastic products like plastic bags, carry bags, plastic bottles, etc., is rapidly increasing everywhere. But nobody aware of using such products, because they are very harmful for both the human beings and other living creatures when they are dumped into the ground. Considering environment and planet, the waste plastic products are recycled into an useful products.

Polymer Energy, LLC. is a joint venture of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). They provide economical and environmentally responsible alternative to plastic products. They uses Polymer Energy system for efficient conversion of plastic waste into crude oil. It is modular in design and a single module can produce up to 775 litres of crude oil for every ton of plastic wastes. Also it handles plastic that is contaminated with other kinds of waste such as metals, glass, dirt, water, etc.

Green Organizing Monday, Jun 9 2008 

Green” Organizing is a growing trend developing in the professional organizing industry. Green Organizing is an environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing emphasizing the principles of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle“.

Northern Technologies International Corporation is in the business of converting unique environmentally beneficial material science into value added products and services for industrial and consumer applications.

Green Organizers promote

  • Using recycled and/or biodegradable products where possible and feasible
  • Re-using products rather than buying new products
  • Limiting the amount of unwanted items going to landfills by donating, free-cycling, selling and recycling as much as possible
  • Purchasing organizing products from companies that adhere to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices