Biodegradable Packing Material Friday, Jul 25 2008 

An alternative Packing and packaging material to reduce global warming has to be implemented and such material has to be Biodegradable. Biodegradable Packing Materials are Compostable and are derived from nature. This type of packaging is environmentally friendly and offers customers with a wide lot of varieties when making a purchase. These bags are totally reusable. Recycling products does not simply mean using recyclable goods but reusing what is already out there. Plastic bags and packaging already exist, and because most are not biodegradable, they won’t go away and get reused. Reusing plastic products is one simple step toward sustaining the environment. Such services are provided by certain companies like Natur-tec which produces 100%  biodegradable Bags.


Biodegradable film bags Friday, Jul 11 2008 

Bags made of biodegradable polythene film, which decompose when bear to sun, air, and moisture, and are also suited for composting have been projected as an alternative to conventional plastic shopping bags. However, they do not willingly decompose in a sealed landfill and symbolize a possible contaminant to plastic recycling operations.

Natur-Tec an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics manufacturing biodegradable and compostable trash bags. Plastic custom bags have advantages and disadvantages when compared to alternatives such as paper bags. Heavy duty multiple-use shopping bags are frequently considered environmentally superior than single-use paper or plastic custom bags. Single-use bags can be recycled, or can be reused by persons as trash bags, storage bags, and so on.

Understanding Biodegradable Plastic Resin Tuesday, Jun 24 2008 

Plastic resin – Plastics are resin specific which means plastics are not easily recyclable to other forms. But it does not mean they are to be discarded because they might be able to use for other purposes.

Biodegradable Packing and Packaging Material

Biodegradable packing and packaging material are just as effective as many of the plastic products used to ship items. The difference is that they will degrade or disintegrate over time rather than be released somewhere in the environment to remain for months or years at a time. With biodegradable packaging materials, they will dissolve over time and not have a negative impact on animal habitats and the environment. Many of these biodegradable packing and packaging material uses polyactic acid that is commonly referred to as resin. Biodegradable packing and packaging are plant-based, which means they are made up of renewable resources. They are created from nature, which means they decompose completely within weeks or months.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

Approximately over 200 million tones of non-degradable plastics are manufactured around the world. Inimical to mankind by nature, these plastics turn toxic when discarded carelessly. Plastics dumped into sea are highly toxic and endanger most of the sea species. Because of their toxic nature, lands become highly polluted and grow hazardous. They also increase global warming. The only solution to all these harms lies in using biodegradable plastics. These plastics are fully degradable and prevent the soil from getting polluted. Some of the biodegradable plastics are degradable even in sea water which is a great help for the sea animals. They reduce pollution on land and water. Some of the useful applications of these plastics are carry-out bags, packaging films, trash bags. They can also be used as extrusion coat papers which are used in coated paper cups, trays and others.