With increased environmental issues, environmental waste management has become imperative. Many businesses and households use harmful materials in their day to day activities. These activities produce wastes that are very harmful to nature and living things. The process of collecting, transporting, processing and disposing waste material is known as Waste Management. Waste Management not only focuses on the proper disposal of these wastes but also see whether we can reuse and recycle certain materials from waste matter. NTIC provides innovative environmental technologies to address these issues. It produces Polymer Energy with the help of environmental technology for economical and environmental gain. Polymer Energy system is an alternative and effective method to recycle and dispose plastic wastes. The polymer Energy system effectively converts plastics into crude oil with the use of Catalytic Pyrolysis. NTIC uses Composting method to transfer biodegradable waste into useful Biodegradable plastics. These Biodegradable plastics are fully degradable and prevent the soil from getting polluted. The biodegradable plastics produced from biodegradable polymer resin are environmental friendly with greater mechanical strength properties.